EDIT: None of this is still relevant, and most links are dead…

I had implemented the rss feed by an almost direct copy paste from someone else. A little while ago I decided to see how a random news reader would handle said feed. Lo and behold, it didn’t do squat!

It did have a “validate this feed” menu entry, so I fired it up and it opened up a new browser window to a validator that told me my feed was probably running a depricated version of atom.

So off I went, recoding the entire thing. Because, you know, not much use having a feed if noone can use it… The page I ended up following was mildly cryptic at times, but I got through :)

For those of you who are interested how to do it in rails, have a look here.

The feed should now be fully functional. Should you find any more errors, or other problems feel free to submit a bug (nullsense.net runs on Mephisto now)