• NewsBlur – Damn good RSS reader
  • Trippit – Very nice for keeping track of, and organizing travel trips

All round software

Software I use almost everywhere

  • 1Password – I use 1Password on MacOS, Windows, and iOS. Because passwords need to be kept safe! I have been using 1Password for close to a decade, and I love it.
  • Outlook – For work, it’s all Outlook when it comes to mail. On MacOS, Windows, and iOS.
  • OneNote – For digital note taking on MacOS, Windows, and iOS. I haven’t found anything that even comes close to OneNote.
  • Franz – To keep all those different messaging apps someone under control, Franz on MacOS and Windows does a pretty good job!
  • Microsoft Visual Code – Pretty much the only code editor I still use these days, it is amazingly good.
  • Spotify – On MacOS, Windows, and iOS. Need to have some tunes!


  • – One of my favorite. This a great mail client, one of the best I have ever used (and I have used a few). I have 2 folders in mail. Received and Archive. Once I have finished acting on a mail message, it is placed in received. Every year I archive my received folder to archive/archive.year. I use mails search, and smart folders to find and sort my mails by metadata (see MailTags).
  • – This is a great all round calendar.
  • Safari – I like this browser. Tight OS integration, it’s fast, and with some plugins does all I need it to do.
    • Ghostery – For ad blocking. Because meh ads.
    • 1Password – Keep them passwords safe!
  • SpotLight – Now this is one of my all time favorites! Never loose anything ever again. Full metadata searching for any file on your system. Once you get to know it, you’ll never want to live without again :) (it is aware of metadata added by other software as well).
  • – It is far from perfect, but it is the best foto management software I have found for casual, home use.
  • – Hey, I’m still a Unix geek at heart. I might love my slick little os where everything just works, but I still like to get dirty, and mess a bit under the hood. I use either Hack or Source Code Pro as my Fixed Width font.
  • The Unarchiver – For unpacking all sorts of archives…

Microsoft Windows

  • Firefox – Because Edge isn’t where it is at, and Chrome I do not trust. Firefox is a pretty decent browser.
    • Ghostery – For ad blocking. Because meh ads.
    • 1Password – Keep them passwords safe!
  • Putty – ‘Cause I’m still a Unix geek :P
  • WSL – Because I’m uhm… still a Unix geek…
  • Playnite – To launch all dem games!
  • Gamesave Manager – Backs up all your save games and settings, and syncs them to somewhere remote. Losing savegames sucks…
  • Steam


I should probably add my mobile stuff, and hobby stuff as well… at some point…